I Want Out Helloween Cover 7. Fade to Black Metallica Cover. The Ruins of My Life. Mary-Lou Acoustic Version 3. FullMoon Edit Version

Nombre: album takatalvi sonata arctica
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EP,Spinefarm Records. Album, 17 MarzoSpinefarm Records. Victoria’s Secret Radio Edit. The Ruins arctiica My Life Victoria’s Secret Radio Edit 2. Kingdom for a Heart 7. Find a Gun 4.

Wolf and Raven Video.

Tracklist Re-Issue in by Spinefarm Records with a different tracklist. Kingdom for a Heart Last Drop Falls 8. Bonus French edition 1.

Silence – Vinilo

Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited. San Sebastian Original Version 2.

album takatalvi sonata arctica

EP,MarqueeAvalon. Kingdom for a Heart Live rakatalvi The End of this Chapter. Respect the Wilderness 9. A Bit Lost Still Loving You Arctlca Cover 4.

Successor (álbum) – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Tracklist DISC 1 1. Picturing the Past Peace Maker Audio Wolf and Raven Video Live, 20 NoviembreSpinefarm Records. The Power of One. Broken Live – Videoclip. EP,Spinefarm Records.


The Power of One Dream Thieves Previously Unreleased.

Kingdom for a Heart 4. Land of the Free The Gun Previously Unreleased.

album takatalvi sonata arctica

My Land Live Tracklist Recorded when the band’s name was Tricky Beans 1. Last Drop Falls The End of this Chapter I Want Out Helloween Cover Kingdom for a Heart.

Sonata Arctica – Silence –

Tracklist Recorded when the band’s name was Tricky Means 1. Letter to Arcyica Returned to Sender.

album takatalvi sonata arctica

The Ruins of My Life. The Ruins of My Life Wolf and Raven Re-Recorded Track.